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Gain impressive experiences and unforgettable moments through new trips. Use it to write memories. And you experience yourself in a new way! “Me-Time” clears your mind. In addition, it helps you switch off and use your time wisely. In this way you can recharge your batteries through individual wellbeing.

What you benefit from

With S.O. TRAVEL you will receive a travel plan tailored to your needs. It is not only individual but also consistently balanced. You can of course book it yourself afterwards. No matter if Indonesia, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa … or is it more European countries? Wherever your heart takes you, I’ll create your personal travel proposal.

A trip can work wonders and releases blockages. Emotional, mental or physical issues, problems or complaints often dissolve. That means: back to the roots. Concentrate on the essentials. Stand firmly in life with both feet. Traveling is not just fun. It also helps you find your new balance in life.

After a journey with great self-awareness you will regain your flow!

Focus: Individual travel planning.

I have had experience for over 10 years and regularly take individual trips around the world several times a year. Be it by bus, train, plane, ship, on foot or by bike. You benefit from this! Because in this way you collect experiences and adventures far from the norm. You will also receive tips and tricks for your travels.


Get to know a country in its own special and unique way – it couldn’t be more individual. You determine everything. Be it the duration of the trip, the travel period, the route, the accommodations or the leisure activities that you would like to undertake locally. You yourself put together services such as flights, accommodation and excursions according to your own ideas. With my help, of course! This gives you greater flexibility.

You also decide how intensively you want to be involved in planning your trip. This is perfect for anyone who likes to have time for other things. But also for everyone who would like to have everything in view. It doesn’t matter if you have little time and a rough idea. Or whether you want to be fully involved in the travel planning – together we plan your trip!

First you tell me what activities you are interested in. And what you like to do in your free time. How you like to stay overnight. And which parts of the country you would like to get to know. From this I will provide you a tailor-made trip. With the right balance of relaxation, adventure and action, of course!

When traveling, smile, be friendly and open. Experience and protect nature. Respect people, animals and culture. Then nothing stands between you and your dream holiday!

Individual Travel – Your Benefit


You will receive a tailor-made travel plan with great attention to detail. With a trip that is perfectly tailored to you, you will achieve maximum well-being and get back into your flow! You experience all the benefits of an individual trip without the great organizational effort.

All paths are open to you, each of your needs can be met. Experience the unique feeling of lightness and freedom and come into your own strength!


More freedom and flexibility.

Determine the schedule and select locations yourself.

Depending on the travel time and destination, there are price advantages when booking an individual trip.

The organizational effort is sometimes quite high. I’ll take care of this for you!


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