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Personal Development

Do you get along better with tips and tricks than with coaching? Then consulting is more helpful and goal-oriented for you to grow personally. My consulting focuses on your wishes, goals and abilities – rather than on problems and how they came about. Your goal and You are the focus. Solutions as well as realizable and everyday action patterns are worked out together. This creates new perspectives and new paths.

What you can achieve with this coaching method

It is not based on your problems, but on your goals and skills. Your chances in everyday life and the positive aspects of life are highlighted and valued. Together we will redesign your life in small, simple steps, instead of turning around in circles and having the feeling of stepping on the spot. This will make you successful in complex systems and situations.

What you benefit from

S.O. PERSON is the right offer for you if you want to develop in a future-oriented and goal-oriented manner. Without knowing the causes of your topic and exploring and researching yourself in depth. You will get a quick fix and exercises that will guide you to greater clarity. You know your opportunities and abilities for better self-help.

Focus: Growing personally, developing potential.


Personal development consulting concentrate on goals rather than problems. Discover new perspectives with small everyday help and achieve your goal.

The focus is on your interaction as a human rather than your isolated person. Your behavior develops when you interact with other people. Stay with yourself and follow your path. Love yourself.

Pay attention to and use the given to fulfill your wishes. A lack of something doesn’t matter in your development. But the knowledge to look at situations from different perspectives and to make the best of them for you. This will avoid disappointment.

See your opportunities in Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Consciously discover in ‘yesterday’ what presented itself as an opportunity. Use the opportunities you have discovered in order to reach your well-being form.

We speak a simple language and use understandable words. This is what matters in every cooperation. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in at the moment. Whether professionally or privately. Whether you just want to keep optimizing your life. Or whether you would like to overcome a difficult phase with the help of my consulting.

As a consultant, I value every situation and see it as an opportunity. I do not put on general theories on your topic, I am open, excited and allow myself to be positively surprised every time.

Personal Development – Your Benefits



Step by step you will achieve a positive change in complex or difficult situations. Your action in small steps displaces the theoretically comprehensive desire to understand. With little information, you can make the best choice for the next steps and now differentiate with a new perspective. What is the difference between better / worse? This question is crucial and not how it is and how it came about. And surely you are interested in bringing a positive change in your life!


Consulting for personal development assumes that change processes are unavoidable and take place continuously. Even a small change in your behavior can result in significant and far-reaching progress. The focus is on the solution. With S.O. PEOPLE find out what works and fits well – and do more of it! If something doesn’t work and fit well enough – then stop doing it and try something else!


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